Welcome to Ignited Soul

Welcome to Ignited Soul

Hello all you beautiful Ignited Souls, and Welcome! My name is Tanya; a Clairsentient Virgo that lives on the Central Coast NSW, loves cats, believes in all this metaphysical and is on a spiritual quest to follow her life’s purpose. Today I want talk to you about the history of Ignited Soul and how this amazing project came to fruition. Ignited Soul was born in July 2020, I had just been made redundant from my job due to COVID and, oddly enough, it felt like the stars aligned. Whilst 2020 was probably the most chaotic year of everyone’s life it also became the most liberating. It felt like the shackles were coming off and it was now my decision to move my life in the direction I desired. I could find another job that was never fulfilling, or I could chase my dreams. So, I took a leap of faith and here I am. Throwing my heart and soul into this business.

When I say “this business” it feels so much more than that to me. I genuinely want to create a space of self-love and self-discovery – a community of likeminded people who are trying to better themselves, their families, overcome obstacles and find their souls purpose with the support of loving crystal energy.

I want to demystify the mystery around crystals. It can be so overwhelming when you walk into a store, or you go online and you think to yourself “where do I even begin, there are just SO MANY”! And, you’re right. There are SO MANY. That is the beauty! For the beginner who is starting out in the world of crystals, I like to think of them as visual reminders of what you are trying to achieve. For example, when you enter your home and you see some black tourmaline, a piece of selenite and some rose quartz all bundled together on your entry table you think to yourself “That is right! This is a home is filled with love!”. How amazing is that? You have a constant reminder of what you’re trying to achieve – a house abundantly full of love and positivity! Once you’ve mastered the basics you’ll be a seasoned crystal veteran in no time!

On a professional level, I am studying a Masters of Holistic Counselling which will come to completion at the end of 2021 – and I am beyond excited at where this path will take me. When I found this course it was as if my soul lit up and I just knew this was my path! I have massive dreams for Ignited Soul …

I am about to get personal here and go “Full Tanya” (I use this reference a lot - lol). Full Tanya is completely uninhibited and unashamed of who she is. Let me tell you, this did not come easy. I have seen the best, and the worst in humanity. The reason I share this with you is to give insight into how I have obtained my ever growing knowledge of the spiritual work involved with crystals, and the trials and tribulations that have lead to Ignited Soul. I have been drawn to crystals from such a young age. I can even remember the first crystal I ever received – I would have been around 9, and my cousin gave me a piece of Howlite with the Virgo symbol etched into it. And that was that – I was hooked. It was explained to me that crystals hold powers to heal, and who doesn’t want a piece of that? My collection matches that of walking into a crystal store – I was on an ever lasting journey to heal myself and my wounds with crystal energy.

So, I delved into the power of crystals. I understood they had powers – how do I harness their energy? I came across grids, meditation, the law of attraction and so on. Ok, so I have this basic understanding … what do I do now? I felt lost. I needed guidance. By my mid/late 20s I had reached breaking point – I was dealing with years of unprocessed trauma, had no idea how to harness my spirituality, and was completely overwhelmed by being an empath. I felt frustrated that I wasn’t able to “heal” myself by just having crystals – I needed to do something with them. So, I met the most amazing and supportive women that I am so blessed to have in my life who showed me the way.

These women showed me that I have the energy within – and so do you. As well as finding these beautiful mentors and healers, I joined a meditation group and which opened my eyes to a whole new world – it taught me how I can meditate WITH crystals, and ooh-boy what an experience that is. The wave of tranquillity you can feel whilst meditating with a crystal in hand? Amazing. And, there is nothing quite like the sound of a crystal singing bowl. It makes you want to just float away on a cloud leaving your earthly body behind to just be completely free!

The power of crystals will enhance your intention. They want you to talk to them, they want you to hold them and they and begging to share their nurturing energy with you. Ignited Soul has been created to teach and show you how to create beautiful, loving and nurturing spaces by tapping into the exuding energy each crystal has. I want to show you how creating small changes can have such far-reaching positive impact, and create a space where we can learn and grow with one another.

Each week I will be releasing new blog post talking all things spirituality, crystals and more! So stick around and welcome to the journey you beautiful Ignited Soul.

Tanya x

Shoutout – Kirstie, Justine, Trix & my beautiful meditation group. I literally would not be here without you all. I am eternally grateful for the love and support you have all given me – you have changed my life and I cannot express in words how blessed I feel to have met you all – THANK YOU!

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