How do I choose the right crystal?

Trust your guiding intuition. If you are called to a particular crystal, it is for a reason! If you are stuck or want some guidance we are always hear to help. You can reach out to Tanya via email info@ignitedsoul.com.au where she can help you choose the best crystals for your needs.  

Each item listed on our site is accompanied by an explanation of what magical metaphysical properties that crystal holds. Our Instagram will be continuously updated with tips and tricks on how to use your crystals so please follow our page.


 I want a crystal that is not on your website!
No problem – send Tanya an email at info@ignitedsoul.com.au and she will work her magic to see if she can source what you need.


How do I find the crystals with absolutely no imperfections? 

That is like finding hens teeth ... crystals are natural, Mother Earth given, gifts to us humans. Crystals are mined, handled, cut, shaped, tumbled, and go through this process to get to our store. During the process to say that you won't find slight imperfections would be an absolute lie.

HOWEVER ... we ALWAYS make note on our listings when there are major imperfections in the crystals and do our absolute best to highlight the crystal in its truest form. We don't want to crystal catfish you :) 


 Where do you source your crystals?

Sustainability and ethically sourced crystals are one of our top priorities. We get to know our suppliers to ensure that each crystal has come from a place of love with minimal environmental and community impact. Each crystal has been intuitively chosen for you. We have suppliers that we use that are based in Brazil, China & Pakistan and we also source crystals from Australian Wholesalers. 

We strive to make connections with all our suppliers to ensure that each crystal is ethically sourced. We believe it is important to foster and build these connections, because energy is everything, and sourcing crystals that care for the communities they come from is absolutely important to us. 


Where are you located?

We are an online business based on the Central Coast, New South Wales!

We frequently do markets around NSW, so follow us on Instagram here to stay up to date with the latest happenings @ Ignited Soul.


Crystals should not be taken as professional medical advice, nor a substitute for any professional medical service. 
Tarot and Oracle readings are for perspective only, please do not make major life decisions based upon these readings.