Our Ethics

We here at Ignited Soul are very particular about who we source our crystals from. When sourcing potential suppliers we want to make sure that their values align with ours. That each supplier treats their staff, the crystals and the whole mining process with respect by providing safe working conditions, fair pay and respect to the land without any hint of exploitation of people or Mother Earth. 

To ensure that each supplier meets our high expectations we connect with family run mines who are involved in the whole extraction process from mining, manufacturing, processing and delivery and love crystals just as much as we do! Where possible, we meet our supplier face-to-face, and when this isn’t possible we request video chats and lots of photos to get a feel for who we are working with. By inviting suppliers to do video chats we are able to ask particular questions and see the mining process first hand to ensure that everyone involved is working in safe conditions. 

By forming these solid relationships with our suppliers ensures we can to be confident that our products are sourced ethically and safely. Our suppliers are based all over the world in countries such as Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, China, India, Pakistan and Australia. Energy is everything and how your crystals are sourced directly impacts their energy and could potentially mitigate their positive energy. We invite you to consider the ethics around crystals the next time you purchase and hope that you feel confident that we do all we can to ensure each and every crystal here at Ignited Soul has felt love on every level right from the start.