Our Mission


Clairsentient Virgo. Curious soul. Cat-lover. Metaphysical junkie. Student of life (and Transpersonal Crystal Healing). 

Welcome to Ignited Soul, my 2020 pandemic business-baby. The home of self-discovery, tools, teachings, and transformation. This creative pursuit came to life at a crossroads in my life: stay in my comfort zone or chase my dreams.

I chose to step into my purpose and cultivate a community of like-minded souls seeking growth and alignment, offering the support of crystal energy, and holding space for them along the way.

Walking a spiritual path is, at times, a lonely and confronting road. We are forced to face ourselves and the deep, dark, dusty corners of our souls to overcome our fears.

Ignited Soul is here to be a beacon of light on the journey of self-love, acceptance, and healing. It is my tangible contribution; my way of paying it forward and passing the batten of my own spiritual work and life lessons in this human earth-suit.

No healing journey comes easy, but with the right support, the right tools, the right mindset, and the right people to lift us up and hold space for our growth – there is so much beauty on the other side.

The power of crystals and their nurturing energy has made a profound impact on my life – from my very first Amazonite piece at 9 years old and far, far beyond. Today, it is my turn to give their gifts to you.

Above all else, I am here to remind you that everything you are seeking - the peace, the desires, the answers, the joy, the healing - are already within you.

Sending good vibes your way,

Tanya x