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Ignited Soul

Aries Zodiac Crystal Kit

Aries Zodiac Crystal Kit

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 ♈ Aries - the first sign of the Zodiac & a born leader. You're like a bright star that takes no half measures. A dynamic personality that is full of life. This crystal kit has been intuitively created to provide energetic support for the Aries soul.


... ► Aries Date: March 21 - April 21 
     Element: Fire
    Planet: Ruled by Mars, Roman God of War ◄ ...

This kit includes the following 5 carefully chosen crystals;

► Bloodstone (Aries Birthstone); Helps harness boldness and courage. Carry Bloodstone with you to help see through deceptions and help with matter of diplomacy.

► Clear Quartz; The Master Healer, wards off negative energy and helps encourage Aries to find empathy whilst pursuing their dreams. This crystals invites the Aries to be more appreciate and considerate of others. 

► Green Aventurine; Promotes mental clarity and releases burdensome energy. Helps stay focused on goals and removes self-doubt. Boosts empathy. 

► Red Jasper; Cools a fiery temperament when necessary, controls impulses and provides beautiful grounding energy.

► Rhodonite; A beautiful, harmonizing crystal that releases bitterness of the heart, encourages patience and draws in universal love. 

Kit includes a suede Ignited Soul pouch & detailed description of each crystal.


... ► Click here to read a full comprehensive overview of each crystal in this amazing Aries Zodiac kit.

*The crystals displayed here are for representation only to highlight the quality of crystals you are purchasing. Each crystal kit is intuitively created at time of purchase. 

How to use your crystals

Cleansing your crystals

This process can be as in-depth or a simple as you want it to be - it is all about what feels right for you. Incense is a great way to cleanse the crystal; light the incense and let the smoke flow over the crystal. During this process you may like to think about what energy the crystal to bring. For example love, happiness, a new job; the possibilities are endless. They also REALLY love the full moon. Place them under the light of a full moon for a massive cleansing recharge.


Crystals love being in your space to connect to your energy. Tumbled Stones are great to keep in your pocket, in your bag (or even in your bra!) However, larger pieces aren't so inconspicuous to carry in your pocket. Choose a place you feel you'll get the most from your crystals. For example, if you want to make a happy home, put the crystals where the heart of your home is.

Make sure to show them love!

That's right! Whilst crystals are natures gift to us to bring us love, we need to give the love back. To keep the energy flowing and connected, every now and then go and remind the crystal why they're there and hold them in your hands. This could be a great time to reignite intentions or set new ones.

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