Bloodstone Raw (Large)

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Protection | Calming | Grounding

Archangel: Michael
Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Scorpio
Negativity be gone! That is the Bloodstone motto, with this crystal by your side you will be basking in the glorious energy that is sent here to ground & protect your mind, body and soul. Ancient civilizations used bloodstone to heal exhaustion to revitalise ones energy. This crystal will help one to find the strength within to realise how courageous and resilient you are. If you are feeling confused, struggling to make decisions and are doubting yourself, hold a piece of Bloodstone and let it remind you that you are a powerful, all-knowing being. If you are lacking in motivation, Bloodstone will provide a swift boost of energy to help you tackle any challenges that come your way.


Each piece is between 200g - 250g & will be intuitively chosen for you.

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Lelia Leite
Such a unique piece

I loved my bloodstone. I just keep it on the desk that I’m working and I touch it everytime and can feel It’s cleaning all my bad thoughts and give me more energy. Seriously I’m in love.