Emotional Support Crystal Kit

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Sometimes we need a little bit of emotional support and this is what this kit  is here for.

This crystal grid has been hand-selected by Tanya at Ignited Soul by delving into the properties of each crystal, this little pack brings together a powerhouse of crystals that can help support you energetically. 

This grid pack contains;

1 x Smoky Quartz Tumble - neutralizes negative energy & relieves stress & anxiety. 

1 x Amethyst Tumble - Provides clarity and calm, grounding, protective & helps one find their power.

1 x Blue Tiger's Eye Tumble - Protecting energy that invites calming energy to soothe the soul.

1 x Carnelian Tumble  - Releases anger and frustration, provides subtle grounding energy.

1 x Clear Quartz Rough Point - Master healer that amplifies the energy of other crystals.

1 x hessian bag to keep the crystals nice and safe.