Mini Crystal Crescent Moon

Mini Crystal Crescent Moon

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These absolutely ADORABLE little Mini Moon Faces are around 30mm long & available in the following materials;

  • Bloodstone
  • Green Aventurine
  • Gold Tiger's Eye
  • Opalite

Curious what each crystal means? Keep reading!


Protection | Calming | Grounding

Archangel: Michael
Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Scorpio
Negativity be gone! That is the Bloodstone motto, with this crystal by your side you will be basking in the glorious energy that is sent here to ground & protect your mind, body and soul. Ancient civilizations used bloodstone to heal exhaustion to revitalise ones energy. This crystal will help one to find the strength within to realise how courageous and resilient you are. If you are feeling confused, struggling to make decisions and are doubting yourself, hold a piece of Bloodstone and let it remind you that you are a powerful, all-knowing being. If you are lacking in motivation, Bloodstone will provide a swift boost of energy to help you tackle any challenges that come your way.


Green Aventurine
Abundance | Growth | Harmony
Archangel: Raphael
Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Virgo & Taurus
A uniting crystal that balances our emotional, intellectual, physical, and auric body into natural rhythm. Green Aventurine wants you to live to the truth of your heart, will dissolve negativity and balance feminine and masculine energies. It encourages one to let go of attachments and be more in the present moment to embrace change and growth. Think of it as an energetic hug providing you with emotional calm and providing space for you to seek out opportunities, release old patterns and habits so new growth can take place. It encourages a decisiveness, draws out your sense of humour and helps you to be open to other people’s ideas and perspectives.


Gold Tiger's Eye
Balance Emotions | Luck | Creativity
Archangel: Jophiel
Chakra: Sacral
Zodiac: Leo & Capricorn
Tiger’s Eye wants to help bring clarity to all situations to understand their cause and effect. It will support necessary changes that need to be made in one’s life and provide the strength that requires. This crystal is beautiful for those with anxiety, as it provides an increased ability to understand new situations or circumstances and is a protector of negative intentions from others. It promotes harmony between people with differing viewpoints, and aids in a person to see both sides of an issues to find common ground. A wonderful crystal for those lost souls yearning for their place in this world and will to promote a sense of optimism, hope and confidence for the future.


Peace | Child-like Fun | Positivity
Opalite is a man-made stone from glass, and is particularly useful for the small daily trials and tribulations that life throws our way. Opalite encourages us to consider new ways of thinking & has a unique ability of bringing in a swift boost of positive energy to life your mood through the day. This crystal is a beautiful reminder that beauty is literally in our hands, with its hues of blue and white reminding and inviting us to be in a state of peace and calm. 

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