New Beginnings Crystal Kit

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I really just love this crystal kit  for the reason that it is SO universal. New job? This is your GO-TO support, new house? Yep! Whack this in the living room. Want to make a change? Mhm, this grid is here to energetically support you. 

This beautiful pack contains; 

1 x Amazonite Tumble - Invites hope to new adventures. Discover what you truly desire & embrace change.

1 x Chrysoprase Tumble Provides refreshing energy. Opens your heart chakra. Helps one move forward in life

1 x Bronzite Tumble - Strength to tackle new challenges. Repels negativity. Restores harmony.

1 x Hemimorphite Tumble  - Helps let go of past experiences to discover new beginnings. Calms the soul when feeling overwhelmed.

1 x Clear Quartz Rough Point - Master healer that amplifies the energy of other crystals.

1 x hessian bag to keep the crystals nice and safe.