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Ignited Soul

Tiger's Eye Mini Merkaba

Tiger's Eye Mini Merkaba

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What is the Merkaba, and how is it used? 

The Merkaba means light, spirit, body and is the energy force in which everything exists. The blueprint of the universe, if you will. The Merkaba is important in sacred geometry as each of the corners is of equal distance from each other which represents unity and equilibrium.

Using the Merkaba in your spiritual, crystal practices is focused on achieving balance. It will uplift, harmonize, purify and energize you and your space all at the same time. The Merkaba will work with your soul to keep you balanced.

... Each Merkaba is 1cm cubed.

... ► Tiger's Eye ◄ ...

► Protection | Harmony | Love
► Archangel: Jophiel
► Chakra: Solar Plexus & Sacral
► Zodiac: Leo & Capricorn

Tiger’s Eye wants to help bring clarity to all situations to understand their cause and effect. It will support necessary changes that need to be made in one’s life and provide the strength that requires. This crystal is beautiful for those with anxiety as it provides an increased ability to understand new situations or circumstances. Tiger's Eye promotes harmony between people with differing viewpoints and aids in a person to see both sides of an issue to find common ground. A wonderful crystal for those lost souls yearning for their place in this world and will to promote a sense of optimism, hope, and confidence for the future. 

How to use your crystals

Cleansing your crystals

This process can be as in-depth or a simple as you want it to be - it is all about what feels right for you. Incense is a great way to cleanse the crystal; light the incense and let the smoke flow over the crystal. During this process you may like to think about what energy the crystal to bring. For example love, happiness, a new job; the possibilities are endless. They also REALLY love the full moon. Place them under the light of a full moon for a massive cleansing recharge.


Crystals love being in your space to connect to your energy. Tumbled Stones are great to keep in your pocket, in your bag (or even in your bra!) However, larger pieces aren't so inconspicuous to carry in your pocket. Choose a place you feel you'll get the most from your crystals. For example, if you want to make a happy home, put the crystals where the heart of your home is.

Make sure to show them love!

That's right! Whilst crystals are natures gift to us to bring us love, we need to give the love back. To keep the energy flowing and connected, every now and then go and remind the crystal why they're there and hold them in your hands. This could be a great time to reignite intentions or set new ones.

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